Fabricated Mosaics

Julie and I have to confess that we both have a MAJOR problem in life… we love, just love, going against the rules and stretching limits when it comes to creating things, and we love making things from multi mediums, with a ton of variety and a ton of colour. This might not sound very dramatic but it means not only that we have some failures along the way (and some amazing triumphs) but that we often work blind, with much of the way forward  a little like hard work, forging the way ourselves. This is challenging but rewarding, but sometimes is extremely frustrating because when we ask people for help or advice  who are more expert in any one field than we are, in general they are often horrified and tell us that it can’t be done.

Jack of many trades and an expert in nothing” would have been a good way to describe either of us in our youth, but with decades of experience now under our belts, and some pretty decent qualifications in everything from Silver Smithing and Clay, Polymer and Fibres, we have been good girls and done what we were told in each field and continuing to set our own path and have a blast along the way … (which includes more than a little laughter I am pleased to say).

There is nothing quite like working another person, and we build off each other in ways that even today blow both of us away! (I know, just because we are both astounded doesn’t mean that it is really anything amazing, but we think it is haha).

Through the summer we did a lot of fabric dying and had a ball, we made candles and at the moment we are doing a lot with the mixed medium stuff including paintings and jewellery using lots of fabrics from wool to cotton to any other fibre we can think of. So here are a few:

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 5.06.31 PM


Catch Up!

We have been so busy that we haven’t had time to update the blog, so here are a handful of things that we have been doing recently… some of them feel like they are “old” but they aren’t that old really, just never made onto the web site. I will go into more detail on anything that I post now if you would like to just send me a message on jenny.julie.clay@gmail.com but in the meantime here are some more collages of our goings on ….

Today it is some shelves for the bathroom and bedroom (and I didn’t mean to but I see that the collage features both my favourite inside mug and my favourite working mug haha)…

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 4.18.28 PM