Polymer Clay

Fimo, Sculpey, Kato, Filani ….

Polymer Clay is a plastics based compound used for crafting and modelling, and actually has no clay in it at all. It is cured at low temperatures and becomes permanently hardened (though sometimes flexible depending on which BRAND of polymer clay you use).

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is: “is that Fimo?” … and the short answer is:

Fimo is a brand of polymer clay, Filani is also a brand of polymer clay, as are Sculpey and Kato and others… We use polymer clay, but not the Fimo brand as such. So no, it isn’t Fimo, but it is polymer clay, and so is Fimo…

Which BRAND of Polymer Clay do we use?

We live and work in Johannesburg South Africa, and we use the Filani brand because we REALLY like it, but also because they have a large range, because it is made locally and so we have access to the full range whenever we need it.

See this post for more Filani details: https://jennjulieclay.wordpress.com/category/which-products-we-love-and-use/

PicMonkey Collage

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