November Christmas online Market!

img_6909This November we will be having what will hopefully be the first of many online markets. The first question that people are asking us is “how does it work?”, and the second is “how is that different to any other kind of online selling?”

Hopefully these answer all your questions:

  • We plan on working in cycles to take the pressure off ourselves to constantly product new things, so we will let you know market dates ahead of time, as we are able to run them (e.g. November Christmas Market is from November 14th-16th 2016 will be the first one.
  • All items for sale will be on the Jenn & Julie Facebook Page.
  • In the weeks leading up to each market we will be posting pics of everything that is for sale, with prices and details.
  • As you have probably seen on some of the pics, people can buy at any time, but depending on details we may not get to mail them out until Market Week (but often can before then).
  • The advantage to waiting until market week is that you will then see everything that is up for grabs, …the disadvantage is that they might be gone by then.
  • If you are interested in anything just email either Jenn or Julie, depending on which email is on the pic, (and it doesn’t hugely matter if you would rather email one of us that you know)
  • Please feel free to ask for details on dimensions or weight too…
  • We take cash or paypal, and we post all over the world.
  • All our market items are lightweight and not very fragile other than the pottery which is not too heavy and we can talk about postage options when you enquire about them.
  • Having a market online as apposed to “real life” means that all our friends and customers around the world can access us.
  • Having it on a set group of dates gives us a deadline to get things ready, and a timeframe in which to send the orders out. (There is also a bit of a community feel about the lead up and conversations, and something to look forward to). We both have serious health issues and these markets allow us to tackle a single market at a time without having to commit to anything permanent. Our aim is to have a market every couple of months, but sometimes we might need a little extra time when things are tough.



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