Back Again!

It’s been a rough year since we last updated here, but hope to be  more regular again as things settle. Both our lives have changed in ways that neither of us could have dreamt, and both of us are now struggling with long term health issues … some small, some big, some just plain annoying!

Julie is still running small classes, but Jenn won’t be able to run them any more, which is heart breaking as it is her passion, but at the same time she is learning a new normal, and finding pleasure still in creating creating creating, but not the same kinds of things … No it is a season for crafts that are less physically taxing, can often be done from bed, and are not too hard on her fingers!

The problem with working in bed however is that once in bed and starting to work, there is no room to get out again to go to the loo!!!

image4 2

We haven’t been nothing as you can see, and recently completed a small mosaic project for a client, which isn’t exactly a job to do in bed, (and neither is pewter work for that matter!!) … and not all days are bed days by any means, so we save those for strong days:

image2 3

image1 3

And then on the less robust days there is always knitting, jewellery, sewing and card making… and drawing for the new ADULT COLOURING IN BOOK!!! (details soon!!)

image2 2 image1 2 image2 image3 2 image1 4

So for those who are still following us: thank you! And this will still be a great place for us to showcase what we are creating and hopefully give you some great ideas 🙂

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