It’s all Starting to Take Shape!

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We spent most of today fiddling, we really need to get more organized with how many years of so many photos tucked into albums of dogs and life and holidays and all lost in together!! We also need to take more! For all the years of being purposeful of taking photos of things we do, we still forget more than we remember, though thankfully only because we are lost in the joy of it all!!!

But we started working on the gallery … we could have explained everything and when and how and who but we need to get moving and one day when we are old maybe we can find the time to go back and add those kinds of details!! But in the meantime check out the Gallery here: ….. and see a wee snippet of what we have been doing all these years … and we also started on the pages on classes and so on, so enjoy!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “It’s all Starting to Take Shape!

  1. Wow! I wish you did overseas classes – Toronto, anyone?:-) I’d be there in a flash if I lived in your neck of the woods. You’ve done a wonderful job of setting up this blog, which surely answers all the questions people might have. All the very best to you as this new venture is launched! Ramona Matthew


    • Thanks Ramona, I am sad you missed the Toronto classes, they were a lot of fun, maybe another time I will get to go back and run some?? No promises though, it’s a long way!
      Hopefully there will be much inspiration for you here, thanks for following! 🙂


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